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Consider this your invitation to visit my new photo site: 3ClixPix.com

As I’ve mentioned before, I finally gave in and signed up with SmugMug. Finally giving in means parting with some $$ in hopes of making that $$ back, but nothing’s guaranteed. I had another name I was playing with, it was unique and very uncommon. I decided to pull from my Swedish roots and use the word “fotokonst” as a brand name. Fotokonst translates literally as “photographic art” – which is what I like to call what I do. I had a native Swed confirm that my google translation was indeed correct. I wasn’t really happy with that name, but I decided that I’d try to make it work. I created a logo, water marked all my images on SmugMug, began looking for web domains that I could use with it. In the back of my mind I kept thinking that I’d have to explain the meaning to people and I didn’t really want to have to do that.

I like HDR. True HDR requires multiple exposures blended into one. I’d say most HDR photos are a combination of 3 exposures (sometimes  5, 7, and 9 are used but I just think that’s over kill). Ok, so that’s where I got the 3 from. Now, what sound does one usually associate with a camera? Right! It’s the shutter sound, or the click of the shutter opening and closing. That’s where the click came from. Finally, because I’m such an awesome speller feller, I thought I’d spell both words incorrectly, just to stick it to the better spellers out there! (and I thought my spelling had a better graphical presentation) I was very surprised that the domain, 3clixpix.com was available. I wholeheartedly consider that availability a gift from God and a divine nod to proceed. I purchased the domain from NameCheap.com  for cheap and am seriously thinking of moving my current domains and websites to their hosting. I’d do it today, except for the fact that I just renewed domains and hosting.

If you do take me up on the invitation, I’d love to get your feedback on the look of the site, layout, organization, and anything else you wanna tell me.



Topaz Simplify – Demo

Topaz Simplify – My Demo

I decided to test out Topaz’s Simplify plug-in. I thought I might try my hand at more of a painting look.

Below are the before (RAW conversion) – RAW imported into Lightroom and exported with a watermark and a version that I imported into Lighroom  and made a few corrections, processed with Photomatix for HDR, a little Photoshop for spot removal (had a nasty sensor), then processed with Topaz Simplify. Finally, I brought the image back into Lightroom, added a vignette and exported it with a watermark.

I’m ok with it as my first attempt. I’ve got 30days to decide if I like it enough to buy it. I purchased DeNoise and Lens Effects from Topaz and really like DeNoise for noise removal. I purchased Lens Effects before I had Lightroom so I don’t use it that much anymore.


RAW conversion

RAW conversion


HDR + Topaz Simplify

HDR + Topaz Simplify



Favorite Apps (part2)

In this installment, I’ll share a few of my favorite “photo utilities” as I all them.
These apps are for shooting with a non-iPhone camera (like a DSLR).


Best Photo Times ($1.99)  (3.4MB)

Originally I got the free version. I quickly learned that I couldn’t look into the future at the next day’s sunrise/set,
moon rise/set, with the free one, so I bought it. (can’t remember if I paid $.99 or the now $1.99)

This app simulates the position of both the sun and moon so you can determine the best shooting time.

Best Photo Times app

Best Photo Times App


Golden Hour Lite  [free]  (60.2MB)

This app gives you the golden hour times (warm color temperature that happens during the first and last hour of sunlight each day)EXAMPLE  and the blue hour times (cool color temperature twilight part of each morning and evening)EXAMPLE .
This app is ad supported, but it’s not annoying. There is a paid version for $5.99.

Golden Hour Lite app

Golden Hour Lite App


The Sun – Rise and Fall [free] (16.4MB)

This app shows the sunrise and sunset times, plus the total sun up time in hours & minutes.
It’s also ad supported.

The Sun - Rise and Fall (Free) app

The Sun – Rise & Fall App


FlashBang (free) (3.7MB)

This app calculates the approximate distance a thunderstorm is from where you are.
See the flash (press flash) hear the bang (press bang) = distance calculated.
Simple. Clean. No ads.

FlashBang app

FlashBang App (Flash)


FlashBang App (Bang)


Shralp Tide [free]  (8.1MB)

This app checks the tides depending on your location. It’s pretty accurate.
My favorite place to photograph is the beach and this is very helpful for knowing what to expect for a sunrise shot.

Shralp Tide App

Shralp Tide App


Tides  [free]  (1.9MB)

This is a Tide Table app that receives it’s information from NOAA.
It lets you scroll through a few days at a time, allowing you to see high and lows for each day.
Yes, it’s ad supported.

Tides App

Tides App


Favorite Apps (part I)

I thought I’d share some of my favorite apps for the iPhone.
I have 159 apps on my iPhone 4s.
I’m guessing that’s a lot by most people’s standards.

Since most of what I like to do is photography, I’ll start with my favorite photo apps:


Vintique ($.99)  (66.9MB)
tadaa [free]  (129MB)
Camera+ ($1.99)  (48.1MB)
• TrueHDR ($1.99)  (11.4MB)

Most of what I post goes through Instagram then on to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, or email.

I also have Wood Camera ($3.99 – I bought it on sale!)  (49.7MB)  and Camera FX  [free]  (16.9MB).
(I don’t use these much.)


Most of the time I take photos with the standard iPhone photo app then run the photo through one of the above apps or one of these:

Snapseed [free]  (77.2MB)  (the ultimate editing app)

PhotoStudio [free]  (39.1MB)
(lots of cool effects – try the symmetry effects – example 1, example 2, example 3)

PhotoStudio app

(example 1)

PhotoStudio app

(example 2)

PhotoStudio app

(example 3)



Squaready [free]  (47.9MB)
For formatting, I like Squaready. I use this quite a bit for formatting photos before posting them on Instagram.
I kept seeing 16×9 photos in my Instagram feed and couldn’t figure out how people were doing it.
That’s when someone mentioned Squaready.

Rotate & Crop  [free]  (9.1MB)
If I need to straighten or crop a photo, I’ll use Rotate & Crop because it allows you to free rotate in 1-degree increments.
(not just 90 & 180-degree)

There are presets for 1:1, 2:3, 3:2, 3:4, and 4:3.
You’re not limited to the presets.


PicStitch  [free]  (50MB)
For combining photos into one “frame” (for Instagram), I’ve been using Pic Stitch.
I have the free version but there is a “Pro” version.
I like it, but get irritated when I export a finished photo this pops up:


There are 74 frames that come with it. (additional ones are available through in-app purchasing)

The app features include:
Enhance (Hi-Def – sharpens, Illuminate – contrast, and Color Fix – white balance correction — all are presets that can’t be adjusted)
Effects (Instagram type filters)
Frames (square borders – 12 are included, others via in-app purchase)
Stickers (hats, glasses, thought bubbles – 25 are included, others via in-app purchase)
Focus (circular and rectangular center focus effect)
 Orientation (manual rotate, rotate 180-degrees, flip/flop)
Crop (custom, original, square, 3:4, 4:6, 5:7, 8:10)
Photo adjustments with individual slider adjustments (brightness, contrast, saturation, & sharpness)
Draw (with a brush)
Text (change colors and placement – no font change)
Fix Redeye (with a brush)
Whiten (with a brush)
Blemish Fixing (with a brush)
Create a Meme (with 2 lines of font)

When you’re done, you can export to:

• Facebook
• Twitter
• Email
• Photo Album
• Instagram
• Open in another program (Dropbox, Squaready, Skydrive, Shutterfly, Google Drive, etc.)
• Print to Walgreens


Other apps I have in my bag ‘o goodies include:

Camera!  ($1.99)  (48.1MB)
PS Express  (Photoshop) [free]  (39.4MB)
Pixlr Express+ [free]  (91.3MB)
HDR FX Pro ($2.99 – I bought it on sale!)   (29.2MB)

Got a favorite app? Leave me a comment below. I’m always looking for new stuff!