How to Repair Old Photos [Tutorial]

I’m going to start posting links to photoshop and lightroom tutorials I come across that have helped me in hopes of helping anyone who stumbles across this page. I have no financial interest in any of them and receive nothing for my puny endorsement.

Here’s one I found originally on (highly recommended reading).

How to Repair Old Photos in Photoshop (4K)

Recently, I’ve found myself scanning old photos and needing to do some repair work. I’ve been a photoshop user since version 3 and now I’m up to v. 15 (CC 2014). I’m no guru, but know enough to get what I need done, at least that’s what I think until I run across tutorials like this one on How to Repair Old Photos by Howard Pinsky. This is the first tutorial I’ve watched from Howard. I learned a bit more about the healing brushes but what’s been the most helpful is the instruction on how to fix water stains on old B&W photos.