LogMeIn! = LogMeOUT!

On September 28, 2006 I signed up for LogMeIn-FREE.
On September 29, 2006, I setup my account.

January 22, 2014, I signed up and installed  TeamViewer on all 3 of my computers.
This signifies the end of my relationship with LogMeIn-FREE and paid.

“Why you wanna do me like this?”


LogMeIn – Free (but not any more)

Until today, when I logged in and saw THAT at the top of my login screen, we had the best relationship imaginable. I have used LogMeIn-FREE for the last 7yrs and almost 4mo to help my in-laws, my parents, friends, my wife, and of course myself with computer issues and moving files around. I didn’t use it everyday and when I did, I was usually logged in for less than 30min.

LogMeIn Free - shuts down

No thanks.

I had NO IDEA this was coming. I had no idea that LogMeIn was going to ruin our relationship like this.

LogMeIn was a God send for these last 7yrs and almost 4mo. I could login to several computers and show people how to do something, I could update java and anti-virus for my in-laws, I could help a friend who ran a  small business find files on his computer – maybe 3 times a year (through his account), I could log in and show my wife where things were on her new Mac. It cost me nothing. I would have gladly paid a reasonable amount. A couple of dollars a month was reasonable for the amount I was using the system. $49  for 2 computers is out of the question for my personal and non-commercial usage.

A little search on the LogMeIn website and I found lots of people were very happy with what they had and very unhappy with what they now don’t have. Quite the backlash. If I made money using this software/system, I’d pay the $49, but I need more than the 2 computers, so I guess I still wouldn’t stay. Like 98% of the people said, I know they’re a business that has to make money. I get that and I’m ok with that. I’m not really ok with them breaking their guarantee/promise to keep LogMeIn-Free, FREE, for personal/non-commercial use.

“Say HELLO to my new friend!”

I’d like to tell everyone about my newest friend, TeamViewer.
I’ve installed this new remote access/remote control software on all 3 of my Macs and on my iPad.
It’s not as smooth and simple to install and run, I’ll say that. I didn’t run into any frustrating roadblocks and didn’t really have a lot of trouble (just some confusion on passwords).

“TeamViewer is free for all non-commercial users!”  It’s FREE. No strings.
There are fees for commercial and corporate use. I don’t qualify as either.

If you need remote access to your own personal computers, computers of family members and friends, TeamViewer is what you need. Check it out.



FREE iPad/iPhone App

FREE Android App

FREE Widows 8/RT App

FREE Windows Phone 8 App


I get nothing if you click the button and links above.
I just wanted to make it easier for anyone looking for a replacement solution for LogMeIn.