PhotoStudio App Fun House

One of my favorite apps for iPhone is PhotoStudio (FX Photo Studio by MacPhun).

Right now, it’s FREE, but soon it will go back to $2.99 (so says the iTunes store).

I really only use it for silly stuff like this. #71 & #73 are the best.

This is Joey. She’s a lot of fun. You can find more of her poses here.

FX PhotoStudio(effect #71)

FX PhotoStudio(effect #71)

FX PhotoStudio(effect #73)

FX PhotoStudio(effect #73)

Favorite Apps (part2)

In this installment, I’ll share a few of my favorite “photo utilities” as I all them.
These apps are for shooting with a non-iPhone camera (like a DSLR).


Best Photo Times ($1.99)  (3.4MB)

Originally I got the free version. I quickly learned that I couldn’t look into the future at the next day’s sunrise/set,
moon rise/set, with the free one, so I bought it. (can’t remember if I paid $.99 or the now $1.99)

This app simulates the position of both the sun and moon so you can determine the best shooting time.

Best Photo Times app

Best Photo Times App


Golden Hour Lite  [free]  (60.2MB)

This app gives you the golden hour times (warm color temperature that happens during the first and last hour of sunlight each day)EXAMPLE  and the blue hour times (cool color temperature twilight part of each morning and evening)EXAMPLE .
This app is ad supported, but it’s not annoying. There is a paid version for $5.99.

Golden Hour Lite app

Golden Hour Lite App


The Sun – Rise and Fall [free] (16.4MB)

This app shows the sunrise and sunset times, plus the total sun up time in hours & minutes.
It’s also ad supported.

The Sun - Rise and Fall (Free) app

The Sun – Rise & Fall App


FlashBang (free) (3.7MB)

This app calculates the approximate distance a thunderstorm is from where you are.
See the flash (press flash) hear the bang (press bang) = distance calculated.
Simple. Clean. No ads.

FlashBang app

FlashBang App (Flash)


FlashBang App (Bang)


Shralp Tide [free]  (8.1MB)

This app checks the tides depending on your location. It’s pretty accurate.
My favorite place to photograph is the beach and this is very helpful for knowing what to expect for a sunrise shot.

Shralp Tide App

Shralp Tide App


Tides  [free]  (1.9MB)

This is a Tide Table app that receives it’s information from NOAA.
It lets you scroll through a few days at a time, allowing you to see high and lows for each day.
Yes, it’s ad supported.

Tides App

Tides App