More FREE stuff for IMAG

One of the many things I concern myself with is filling large projection screens every Sunday.

I’m not a graphic artist… but I think I can fake it pretty well. In my many attempts at faking it, I’ve created some stuff that I want to share.

This post deals with graphics and animations for Baptism services. Over the last 7 1/2 years we’ve had about 2 Baptism services a year. The first year, 2009, I created just still graphics. The following year, I decided that I liked things that move, so I began creating backgrounds and graphics with motion. I’m not a fan of static “screen filler”.

Below are several styles that I’m putting out on with world wide interwebs for public consumption. My hopes are that if someone in my volunteer service position at their church needs something  for their Baptism service, that they’ll somehow stumble upon this post and find what they’re looking for (or at least maybe a little inspiration).

The stills are free to all! Just please don’t resell them. Freely use, pass along, build upon, whatever, just don’t sell them. MMM-kay?!

The motions…. well… those aren’t free but are really CHEAP! SUPER CHEAP!
(click the middle of the thumbnail for the version you like – magnifying glass – then click the link under MOTIONS:)
(or click HERE)

It’s been my experience that ProPresenter (for Mac) doesn’t like .mp4 files. If you decide you like the motions and download them, then discover they don’t play well on your system, contact me and I’ll make .mov (h264) versions available to you that I know will play nice with ProPresenter (Mac).

If you find yourself here and do indeed download and use any of these, please leave me a comment.

If you feel comfortable, please share where your church is (city or state, or both), what size (rough estimate), are you portable (meet in a school or have your own building), and maybe what presentation software you use.
I’m just curious.

To be fair, I’ll start us off:
• Five Stones Church in Waxhaw NC, 700+/- in worship (my estimate)
• we are currently portable – we meet in a middle school – but are building our own facility just down the road
• we use ProPresenter 5


The “Stuff”

Church Media resources that don’t suck – PART 1

I’ve decided that when I run across some really good stuff for churches, I’m gonna post my findings.

For easter, Five Stones Church purchased a package created by Dan Stevers called The Fifth Cup,
and it’s AWESOME. Here’s a link to Dan’s vimeo page.

Go and check out his stuff.

If you’re interested in PURCHASING one of his works, please consider purchasing from his website’s store because he makes a little bit more than he would if you purchased through Worship House, and his store is cheaper!

In his words:
“Why buy from addition to getting the lowest prices on our videos you will also be getting a higher quality compression than other sites, no upcharge for HD files, and free graphics with select products. It’s practically a no-brainer.”

I don’t know Dan personally.
I have emailed him and he responded quickly and was a super nice guy
(I had asked him if he had stills that were print worthy – higher dpi).


This past Sunday, Five Stones Church played a video created by James Grocho titled “The Forgiven”
as a sermon intro.

As an editor first, a wanna-be graphics guy second, I really liked his video.
Classy. Easy to read. Emotional. Just enough flash/coolness without overload.
Here’s a link to his website’s store.

Same deal with James and if you can, purchase from him directly so he get’s the profit.
If you can’t, the PURCHASE from Worship House Media.

He’s got countdowns, some social media animation loops, and other mini-movies.
I’m thinking about PURCHASING a few of the social media videos to refresh our “previews” that we play before and after each service.

I don’t know James either. Just really appreciate his work.

Notice anything?
Like the word PURCHASE in all caps and obnoxiously bolded?
That’s on purpose.

I know it takes place, we in the church world sometimes forget that free isn’t always free.
Please don’t borrow, repurpose, crack, basically steal work from these guys and others like them.
From experience, what you’re paying for their work is peanuts compared to what it would cost you if folks like them created these type videos for you and your church individually.

These guys are far better, creative, and faster than I am, but I’m estimating there’s at least 20-40hrs in each. At a minimum, if they charged minimum wage ($7.25/hr) and at a minimum of 20hrs, that’s $145. They’re selling their incredible work for $17-18. C’mon, if your church has a video projector and a computer that can play quicktimes, .mp4, or even .wmv, you guys can afford to shell out $18 for a video.

(These guys are not working for $7.25/hr and turning out this kind of work. Try $25-50/hr+, calculate that for $20-40hrs on your own for some sticker shock. So show some gratitude and PURCHASE their work, don’t just “use”, ahem (cough)… “steal” for the Lord’s work… that’s crap.)



Yes, I am endorsing both Dan and James. That doesn’t really mean anything to anyone, just wanted to be able to say it! I don’t know either one of them and am not a compensated spokes person.
I won’t be getting any free stuff for plugging them here in my totally unread blog posting.