Not a fan.

iOS 7 is worrying me. From what I’ve seen posted, mostly screen shots, I’m not a fan. Apple has upset me over the last 3-4 years and while I continue to purchase their products and use them daily, I’m beginning to become more and more annoyed with the direction they seem to be going. Here’s a comparison to the iOS6 and iOS7 home screens for the iPhone.

iOS6 vs. iOS7


I liked the iPhone and the look they created, until now. I see iOS7 as a compromise in design, copying the Android look rather than developing their own, or maturing it – if you will.

I don’t have to upgrade when it’s available. I haven’t upgraded to the latest iOS6 version either – mostly due to the battery drain issue that’s still a problem. Not upgrading will limit me – thanks Apple!

With Apple’s disregard for the Pro user (i.e. MacPro tower has been terribly neglected until the recently introduced MacPro CD Spindle Edition), their total middle finger to the video/film post-production community (i.e. the dropping of FCP for iMovie Pro – what they call FCP-X), and now this unappetizing iOS offering, I’m not sure what to do. I’m totally feeling the burn and pimp slapping that I’ve always heard Apple-haters talk about.

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