Nerd Rant – FCP7 to Adobe Prem Pro CC

I am a video editor… have been for 17 years. I’ve been an “Avid Editor” and a “Final Cut Editor”…
I’ve edited on Avid DS and started on a thing called the Turbo Cube.
(props to anyone who knows what that was and edited on it as well)

I’ve done local TV spots, regional TV spots, worked on films, straight to DVD films, kids videos, national shows, network promos, blah, blah, blah.
The point in my saying this is, I’ve been around and I’m neck deep in this profession. I’m not a newbie and I’m no one’s fanboy (anymore).

Apple has turned their back on me and all of my kinsmen/women with their move to Final Cut X
(or iMovie Pro as I refer to it).
I’m not interested in anything FCP-X has to offer.

The only real option for me and many of my kinsmen/women is to make the move to Premiere Pro… Creative Cloud. I’ll not rant and rail on the Creative Cloud, not a fan of renting software, but I will rant and rail on one MISSING feature of Premiere Pro CC. This missing feature has got to be a total blunder, oops!, brain fart of the developers. It’s clear to anyone who has edited on the Premiere of old and Final Cut Pro, that Adobe took what worked for FCP and made it their own. That’s GREAT! But how can you forget, overlook, just plain ignore one of FCP’s best features? How can Adobe NOT allow us to open more than one project at a time? HOW? Ok, first version of CC, let it slide. Second update, well, ok, but that’s it! Now, at least 4 versions (updates) in, and still no ability to open more than one project at a time!


Adobe fanboys/girls will tell you that “you don’t need to open more than one project at a time. you can import projects into your current project and have access to anything you need.”  That’s a copout. Unlike you, fanboy/girl, I DO NEED TO HAVE MULTIPLE PROJECTS OPEN SIMULTANEOUSLY. I service 8 preditors (that’s producers who edit) and receive projects from all 8 of them all day long. My job is to finish them. Sometimes I’ll open an older version, copy what I need over to the new one. I always have a template project open so I can copy the folder structure into these new projects, and sometimes I have 5 projects (or more) open because I have lots of spots to get approved and it’s not efficient to have to open them one by one while I have a VP waiting to approve them (especially when some of them take a while to open).

See images below for a typical look at the user interface.
4 projects are ready for approval (I’m just waiting on “the call”),
1 project is waiting on final audio mix, and I’m working on the other 2 – back and forth.
This is the norm for me.

Final Cut Pro 7 multiple project screen Final Cut Pro 7 multiple timeline editing screen

Adobe, I look forward to working with you. I look forward to the improvements you’ve made and I appreciate that you’ve stuck with my industry and have come out on top.

I support you and will reluctantly, slowly, kicking and screaming, embrace your software rental business model.

BUT, and a BIG ‘OL BUTT it is, you’ve GOT TO give me and my kinsmen/women the ability to multi-task with multiple projects open at once. You won’t allow us to run more than one instance of Premiere Pro CC per license, the least you could do is allow us to have more than one project open at a time. Keep developing the bells and whistles that make us oooooo! and ahhhhhhh!, but give us this basic functionality. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself telling US how we’re to do things to accomplish our tasks against our wishes, something Apple is well known for and something I don’t think you want to be associated with.

Nerd rant over.


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