How to Repair Old Photos [Tutorial]

I’m going to start posting links to photoshop and lightroom tutorials I come across that have helped me in hopes of helping anyone who stumbles across this page. I have no financial interest in any of them and receive nothing for my puny endorsement.

Here’s one I found originally on (highly recommended reading).

How to Repair Old Photos in Photoshop (4K)

Recently, I’ve found myself scanning old photos and needing to do some repair work. I’ve been a photoshop user since version 3 and now I’m up to v. 15 (CC 2014). I’m no guru, but know enough to get what I need done, at least that’s what I think until I run across tutorials like this one on How to Repair Old Photos by Howard Pinsky. This is the first tutorial I’ve watched from Howard. I learned a bit more about the healing brushes but what’s been the most helpful is the instruction on how to fix water stains on old B&W photos.




Sunday, Sunny Sunday

If  you know me at all, you know that for the past 5 years I’ve been getting up between 4:30am and 5:530am every Sunday. Why? – you may ask. I head up the “Projection Team”, aka video team, at Five Stones Church in Waxhaw NC., and we begin setup between 6am-7am (depending on the time of year. Currently, since school’s out, we start setup at 7am. In a few weeks (August 25) we’re back to 3 services and a 6am setup time).

I took this photo on July 13th at about 6:45am on my way to Five Stones. It’s hard, sometimes VERY hard to get up and get going on a Sunday morning (especially since I usually don’t get in the bed until 12am on Saturday night/Sunday morning – another story for another time). Getting to see the sunrise is a definite perk! It’s quiet and I’m usually one of a very few on the road, so it’s a quick drive. As much as I HATE getting up in the mornings, I appreciate and very much enjoy them once I get going. I just wish the sunrise and getting up happened more around 9-10am-ish.


(watermarked for image protection. watermark is removable upon request/purchased download.)


3ClixPix – new photo site

3ClixPix Logo



Consider this your invitation to visit my new photo site:

As I’ve mentioned before, I finally gave in and signed up with SmugMug. Finally giving in means parting with some $$ in hopes of making that $$ back, but nothing’s guaranteed. I had another name I was playing with, it was unique and very uncommon. I decided to pull from my Swedish roots and use the word “fotokonst” as a brand name. Fotokonst translates literally as “photographic art” – which is what I like to call what I do. I had a native Swed confirm that my google translation was indeed correct. I wasn’t really happy with that name, but I decided that I’d try to make it work. I created a logo, water marked all my images on SmugMug, began looking for web domains that I could use with it. In the back of my mind I kept thinking that I’d have to explain the meaning to people and I didn’t really want to have to do that.

I like HDR. True HDR requires multiple exposures blended into one. I’d say most HDR photos are a combination of 3 exposures (sometimes  5, 7, and 9 are used but I just think that’s over kill). Ok, so that’s where I got the 3 from. Now, what sound does one usually associate with a camera? Right! It’s the shutter sound, or the click of the shutter opening and closing. That’s where the click came from. Finally, because I’m such an awesome speller feller, I thought I’d spell both words incorrectly, just to stick it to the better spellers out there! (and I thought my spelling had a better graphical presentation) I was very surprised that the domain, was available. I wholeheartedly consider that availability a gift from God and a divine nod to proceed. I purchased the domain from  for cheap and am seriously thinking of moving my current domains and websites to their hosting. I’d do it today, except for the fact that I just renewed domains and hosting.

If you do take me up on the invitation, I’d love to get your feedback on the look of the site, layout, organization, and anything else you wanna tell me.