Sunday, Sunny Sunday

If  you know me at all, you know that for the past 5 years I’ve been getting up between 4:30am and 5:530am every Sunday. Why? – you may ask. I head up the “Projection Team”, aka video team, at Five Stones Church in Waxhaw NC., and we begin setup between 6am-7am (depending on the time of year. Currently, since school’s out, we start setup at 7am. In a few weeks (August 25) we’re back to 3 services and a 6am setup time).

I took this photo on July 13th at about 6:45am on my way to Five Stones. It’s hard, sometimes VERY hard to get up and get going on a Sunday morning (especially since I usually don’t get in the bed until 12am on Saturday night/Sunday morning – another story for another time). Getting to see the sunrise is a definite perk! It’s quiet and I’m usually one of a very few on the road, so it’s a quick drive. As much as I HATE getting up in the mornings, I appreciate and very much enjoy them once I get going. I just wish the sunrise and getting up happened more around 9-10am-ish.


(watermarked for image protection. watermark is removable upon request/purchased download.)


Mobile Edit Suite

Mobile Edit Suite

On a recent trip to Florida to visit my wife’s family, I decided to make good use of my time in the car.
My wife was kind enough to drive for a few hours which allowed me to get some long overdue work done.

On June 15th, Five Stones Church baptized 14 people at 9:00am and another 14 at 10:30am.
We used 5 cameras; 2 GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition cameras (borrowed), 1 Sony HDV,
1 Sony HXR-NX5U AVCHD, and a Canon 7D.
Editing with Final Cut Pro 7, audio edit/mix  with Sound Track Pro.  
This project amassed over 620GB of media.

I finished the video edit (cutting camera shots) on the way down,
and finished the audio edit/mix on the way back.
17 videos were produced and posted to YouTube for families to share.
A chaptered DVD will also be produced for each family as a keepsake.

Here’s some screen shots of the video timelines and a sample of the audio timeline.

9am Final Cut Pro video timeline

9am FCP video timeline

1030am FCP video timeline

1030am FCP video timeline

Soundtrack Pro Audio Mix timeline

Soundtrack Pro Audio Mix






Here’s a link to the finished video in the photo. Baptism Link



Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) – performed by Caroline Keller

thought I’d share this song from a few weeks ago.
Caroline Keller is the vocalist and she nails this song!
The mix you hear is not for recording so while the mix is not perfect as recorded, live it was spot on!

Every Sunday I’m reminded of how God has blessed Five Stones with such phenomenal vocalists and worship leaders and an incredible band.
If only there was a worship CD…. if only there was a worship CD….