Favorite Apps (part I)

I thought I’d share some of my favorite apps for the iPhone.
I have 159 apps on my iPhone 4s.
I’m guessing that’s a lot by most people’s standards.

Since most of what I like to do is photography, I’ll start with my favorite photo apps:


Vintique ($.99)  (66.9MB)
tadaa [free]  (129MB)
Camera+ ($1.99)  (48.1MB)
• TrueHDR ($1.99)  (11.4MB)

Most of what I post goes through Instagram then on to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, or email.

I also have Wood Camera ($3.99 – I bought it on sale!)  (49.7MB)  and Camera FX  [free]  (16.9MB).
(I don’t use these much.)


Most of the time I take photos with the standard iPhone photo app then run the photo through one of the above apps or one of these:

Snapseed [free]  (77.2MB)  (the ultimate editing app)

PhotoStudio [free]  (39.1MB)
(lots of cool effects – try the symmetry effects – example 1, example 2, example 3)

PhotoStudio app

(example 1)

PhotoStudio app

(example 2)

PhotoStudio app

(example 3)



Squaready [free]  (47.9MB)
For formatting, I like Squaready. I use this quite a bit for formatting photos before posting them on Instagram.
I kept seeing 16×9 photos in my Instagram feed and couldn’t figure out how people were doing it.
That’s when someone mentioned Squaready.

Rotate & Crop  [free]  (9.1MB)
If I need to straighten or crop a photo, I’ll use Rotate & Crop because it allows you to free rotate in 1-degree increments.
(not just 90 & 180-degree)

There are presets for 1:1, 2:3, 3:2, 3:4, and 4:3.
You’re not limited to the presets.


PicStitch  [free]  (50MB)
For combining photos into one “frame” (for Instagram), I’ve been using Pic Stitch.
I have the free version but there is a “Pro” version.
I like it, but get irritated when I export a finished photo this pops up:


There are 74 frames that come with it. (additional ones are available through in-app purchasing)

The app features include:
Enhance (Hi-Def – sharpens, Illuminate – contrast, and Color Fix – white balance correction — all are presets that can’t be adjusted)
Effects (Instagram type filters)
Frames (square borders – 12 are included, others via in-app purchase)
Stickers (hats, glasses, thought bubbles – 25 are included, others via in-app purchase)
Focus (circular and rectangular center focus effect)
 Orientation (manual rotate, rotate 180-degrees, flip/flop)
Crop (custom, original, square, 3:4, 4:6, 5:7, 8:10)
Photo adjustments with individual slider adjustments (brightness, contrast, saturation, & sharpness)
Draw (with a brush)
Text (change colors and placement – no font change)
Fix Redeye (with a brush)
Whiten (with a brush)
Blemish Fixing (with a brush)
Create a Meme (with 2 lines of font)

When you’re done, you can export to:

• Facebook
• Twitter
• Email
• Photo Album
• Instagram
• Open in another program (Dropbox, Squaready, Skydrive, Shutterfly, Google Drive, etc.)
• Print to Walgreens


Other apps I have in my bag ‘o goodies include:

Camera!  ($1.99)  (48.1MB)
PS Express  (Photoshop) [free]  (39.4MB)
Pixlr Express+ [free]  (91.3MB)
HDR FX Pro ($2.99 – I bought it on sale!)   (29.2MB)

Got a favorite app? Leave me a comment below. I’m always looking for new stuff!