i don't draw or paint. i click and manipulate.

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Consider this your invitation to visit my new photo site: 3ClixPix.com

As I’ve mentioned before, I finally gave in and signed up with SmugMug. Finally giving in means parting with some $$ in hopes of making that $$ back, but nothing’s guaranteed. I had another name I was playing with, it was unique and very uncommon. I decided to pull from my Swedish roots and use the word “fotokonst” as a brand name. Fotokonst translates literally as “photographic art” – which is what I like to call what I do. I had a native Swed confirm that my google translation was indeed correct. I wasn’t really happy with that name, but I decided that I’d try to make it work. I created a logo, water marked all my images on SmugMug, began looking for web domains that I could use with it. In the back of my mind I kept thinking that I’d have to explain the meaning to people and I didn’t really want to have to do that.

I like HDR. True HDR requires multiple exposures blended into one. I’d say most HDR photos are a combination of 3 exposures (sometimes  5, 7, and 9 are used but I just think that’s over kill). Ok, so that’s where I got the 3 from. Now, what sound does one usually associate with a camera? Right! It’s the shutter sound, or the click of the shutter opening and closing. That’s where the click came from. Finally, because I’m such an awesome speller feller, I thought I’d spell both words incorrectly, just to stick it to the better spellers out there! (and I thought my spelling had a better graphical presentation) I was very surprised that the domain, 3clixpix.com was available. I wholeheartedly consider that availability a gift from God and a divine nod to proceed. I purchased the domain from NameCheap.com  for cheap and am seriously thinking of moving my current domains and websites to their hosting. I’d do it today, except for the fact that I just renewed domains and hosting.

If you do take me up on the invitation, I’d love to get your feedback on the look of the site, layout, organization, and anything else you wanna tell me.



“Save As…” – make it work again!!!

If you’ve lost the ability to “Save As…” and you’re on a Mac with Lion or Mt. Lion (not sure about Mavericks and later versions) here’s how you change the “duplicate” feature back to “Save As…

System Preferences • Keyboard • Keyboard Shortcuts • Application Shortcuts

FIRST – change the keyboard shortcut for “Duplicate”

  • press the “+” button
  • make sure Application is set for “All Applications”
  • in Menu Title, type Duplicate
  • Keyboard Shortcut box, hold down the command key (and) shift key (and) d at the same time
  • click “Add”

NOW – change the keyboard shortcut for “Save As…”

  • press the “+” button
  • make sure Application is set for “All Applications”
  • in Menu Title, type Save As… (don’t forget the )
  • Keyboard Shortcut box, hold down the command key (and) shift key (and) s at the same time
  • click “Add”


Save As...

The other option, if you don’t want to change the default keyboard shortcut is to hold down the alt/option key when you’re in the File Menu.
If you don’t hold the alt/option key you won’t see the Save As… option; pressing the alt/option key reveals it.

I hope this helps you should you be searching for a fix, since Apple won’t fix it.


I’ll credit this article from cnet as my source for this fix:

Topaz Simplify – Demo

Topaz Simplify – My Demo

I decided to test out Topaz’s Simplify plug-in. I thought I might try my hand at more of a painting look.

Below are the before (RAW conversion) – RAW imported into Lightroom and exported with a watermark and a version that I imported into Lighroom  and made a few corrections, processed with Photomatix for HDR, a little Photoshop for spot removal (had a nasty sensor), then processed with Topaz Simplify. Finally, I brought the image back into Lightroom, added a vignette and exported it with a watermark.

I’m ok with it as my first attempt. I’ve got 30days to decide if I like it enough to buy it. I purchased DeNoise and Lens Effects from Topaz and really like DeNoise for noise removal. I purchased Lens Effects before I had Lightroom so I don’t use it that much anymore.


RAW conversion

RAW conversion


HDR + Topaz Simplify

HDR + Topaz Simplify



On again…. and off again… On again…


Well… I’ve decided to give Smugmug a real try this time.
I’ve tried doing my own thing and it’s just too much of a hassle.
Sometimes in life… you just have to pay the man because he’s the best and is worth it.
That’s where I am with Smugmug. I haven’t settled on theme yet and I’m not 100% sold on the name
I’ve chosen, though I think it’s kinda cool (I’m still in the 14day free trial).

We’ll see.

LogMeIn! = LogMeOUT!

On September 28, 2006 I signed up for LogMeIn-FREE.
On September 29, 2006, I setup my account.

January 22, 2014, I signed up and installed  TeamViewer on all 3 of my computers.
This signifies the end of my relationship with LogMeIn-FREE and paid.

“Why you wanna do me like this?”


LogMeIn – Free (but not any more)

Until today, when I logged in and saw THAT at the top of my login screen, we had the best relationship imaginable. I have used LogMeIn-FREE for the last 7yrs and almost 4mo to help my in-laws, my parents, friends, my wife, and of course myself with computer issues and moving files around. I didn’t use it everyday and when I did, I was usually logged in for less than 30min.

LogMeIn Free - shuts down

No thanks.

I had NO IDEA this was coming. I had no idea that LogMeIn was going to ruin our relationship like this.

LogMeIn was a God send for these last 7yrs and almost 4mo. I could login to several computers and show people how to do something, I could update java and anti-virus for my in-laws, I could help a friend who ran a  small business find files on his computer – maybe 3 times a year (through his account), I could log in and show my wife where things were on her new Mac. It cost me nothing. I would have gladly paid a reasonable amount. A couple of dollars a month was reasonable for the amount I was using the system. $49  for 2 computers is out of the question for my personal and non-commercial usage.

A little search on the LogMeIn website and I found lots of people were very happy with what they had and very unhappy with what they now don’t have. Quite the backlash. If I made money using this software/system, I’d pay the $49, but I need more than the 2 computers, so I guess I still wouldn’t stay. Like 98% of the people said, I know they’re a business that has to make money. I get that and I’m ok with that. I’m not really ok with them breaking their guarantee/promise to keep LogMeIn-Free, FREE, for personal/non-commercial use.

“Say HELLO to my new friend!”

I’d like to tell everyone about my newest friend, TeamViewer.
I’ve installed this new remote access/remote control software on all 3 of my Macs and on my iPad.
It’s not as smooth and simple to install and run, I’ll say that. I didn’t run into any frustrating roadblocks and didn’t really have a lot of trouble (just some confusion on passwords).

“TeamViewer is free for all non-commercial users!”  It’s FREE. No strings.
There are fees for commercial and corporate use. I don’t qualify as either.

If you need remote access to your own personal computers, computers of family members and friends, TeamViewer is what you need. Check it out.



FREE iPad/iPhone App

FREE Android App

FREE Widows 8/RT App

FREE Windows Phone 8 App


I get nothing if you click the button and links above.
I just wanted to make it easier for anyone looking for a replacement solution for LogMeIn.