Topaz Simplify – Demo

Topaz Simplify – My Demo

I decided to test out Topaz’s Simplify plug-in. I thought I might try my hand at more of a painting look.

Below are the before (RAW conversion) – RAW imported into Lightroom and exported with a watermark and a version that I imported into Lighroom  and made a few corrections, processed with Photomatix for HDR, a little Photoshop for spot removal (had a nasty sensor), then processed with Topaz Simplify. Finally, I brought the image back into Lightroom, added a vignette and exported it with a watermark.

I’m ok with it as my first attempt. I’ve got 30days to decide if I like it enough to buy it. I purchased DeNoise and Lens Effects from Topaz and really like DeNoise for noise removal. I purchased Lens Effects before I had Lightroom so I don’t use it that much anymore.


RAW conversion

RAW conversion


HDR + Topaz Simplify

HDR + Topaz Simplify



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