The Man Who Killed UBL….. screwed!

I just finished reading this story by Phil Bronstein that’s in Esquire Magazine.
(on the web)

The Man Who Killed Osama bin Laden… Is Screwed

I found the piece from one of Jon Wilson‘s tweets.

I’m so angry I can’t make complete thoughts on how I feel about my government for the way they totally abandon our elite when they leave active duty. I wish I were rich… like Donald Trump, Bill Gates, or Warren Buffet rich. If I were, I would set up my own heavily funded fund for these super heroes and help them transition back into civillian life after they have served our country – protecting us without much regard for their own lives. It’s despicable, shameful, dishonorable, opprobrious, repugnant, inexcusable, unforgivable, indefensible, unjustifiable, criminal, and just plain sinful how the ELITE among men, the REALEST of the REAL men are treated following their service to this country – when they decide it’s time to pursue civillian life.

The saddest part to me, personally, is that these men do not exist outside of the special forces (specifically the SEALs). To my knowledge, there’s no way I could personally send the Shooter (from the story) $20, $100, $1000 anonymously, just to help out. Sad.