Day for Night

thought I’d share this.


My mom fell in love with this picture I took in 2011. We were on the family beach trip to Myrtle Beach and I wanted to try my hand at some long exposure shots. I had no idea what I was doing (still don’t). This came out pretty well I thought and she just fell in love with it. My dad had it printed out at 24×36 at Snow Photo in High Point.  Here’s a link to it on flickr.

Time: 10:22pm in August of 2011

Tech specs: Single image HDR shot in RAW with Canon 20D, f/3.5 @ 30sec, 18mm, iso 100

Processed: Photomatix & Photoshop

new photo sites

For a while I’ve been kicking around the idea of trying to sell some of my photos. I have no idea if they’re worth anything but I guess I’ll never know if I don’t try. That’s what risk is and I guess I’ll take a small one.

I’ve joined for the 14 day free trial (hoovdaddy) and I joined (hoovdaddy) for their 14 day free trial. I really like the way 500px is laid out but there’s not may options at all for selling.  I still have flickr  (hoovdaddy) and will continue to post.


Nope, not the Walton’s house.

I pass this house every day on my way to and from work. I’m not sure if anyone lives in it… I would guess and say no, but you never know!

I used 3 exposures, -2, 0, +2, and combined them and tone mapped them using Photomatix. Topaz denoise and Topaz Lens Effects were also used. The color (or lack of) was created using Photoshop’s “Vibrance” adjustment, taking saturation down and turning up the vibrance.