Macbook having seizures (part 2)

So, I take the sickly Macbook into the Apple store for it’s appointment with the Apple Geniuses. That days Genius was Willie, cool guy for sure. He hooked up his hard drive with the diagnostic program…. and…… it was indeed the Nvidia chip that was causing the problem….. therefore the logic board needs to be replaced….. but it’s all covered! Good thing, because the logic board replacement is like $900.  I’m wondering if I’ll get an upgrade out of it… from 128MB to 256 or even 512MB.  Not likely…. but it’s worth a moment to hope.  I should have it back by the end of this week or first 1/2 of next week (5-7 days for part and installation).

No problems, no issues with the Apple Store at South Park Mall, Charlotte NC. The store was slammed busy (good for them if people are buying) and they were very professional and personable.