Nope, not the Walton’s house.

I pass this house every day on my way to and from work. I’m not sure if anyone lives in it… I would guess and say no, but you never know!

I used 3 exposures, -2, 0, +2, and combined them and tone mapped them using Photomatix. Topaz denoise and Topaz Lens Effects were also used. The color (or lack of) was created using Photoshop’s “Vibrance” adjustment, taking saturation down and turning up the vibrance.




So I joined Flickr a while back. I’ve been posting new stuff at least once a week, sometimes two or three times a week. I LOVE me some flickr. Such cool stuff from all over the world! It frustrates me that there aren’t that many cool places around here to shoot cool stuff. I really like water, reflections, clouds, ocean surf, that kind of stuff. Winter is pretty much here too, so that makes things even worse. Snow is cool, so maybe we’ll get some of that this year.

If you’re interested in checking me out on flickr (like anyone ever reads this crap) here’s a link:

Here’s one of my new favorites that I took on Black Friday as I was on my way to find a few things. This was taken in my home town of High Point NC. There’s not much there these days it seems. The Furniture Market is still there and that’s a big part of the local economy. But like most places, there’s lots of abandoned buildings, overgrown grassy parking lots, even the mall is practically gone. Anyway, back to the photo… this is the train depot. I don’t think I’ve ever been here. Hard to believe I lived in HP all my life and never went down to the depot (at least I can’t remember ever going – which isn’t saying much since I can’t remember much anyway!) I shot 3 RAW exposures with a tripod,  merged and processed them in Photomatix, took it into Photoshop and did some levels, and chroma work, oh, and I use Topaz Denoise to clean up any noise. With this version, I treated it a little extra with some textures from Skeletal Mess (he’s on flickr). I think it’s cool. It’s funny though, how as a TV guy and now a hobbyist photo guy I try so hard to get images as clean and crisp as possible, only to turn around and “gunk” them up. It’s called art… I guess.




Santa Yoda

This little green guy is for real and he’s standing guard over all the Christmas decorations this year.

A little HDR, Optical Flares, some Lens Effects and you’ve got SERIOUSLY BAD @$$ Yoda!


"Guarding Jedi presents I am!"

Photo bug

I’ve been bitten by the photo bug. I’ve always liked photography. I’ve worked with motion photography (24-30 photos per second) for more than 15 years now. The moving kind has gotten stale for me and I’m really getting into the still kind. I especially dig the HDR techniques. I discovered this and the master of HDR, Trey Ratcliff ( about the same time. This guy does amazing work and I wanna be just like him when I grow up. So I’ve been studying his work and looking for my own opportunities to create magic. I wish I knew more that I do. The post processing I do makes the photos I take look much better than I’m capable of taking. Normally, HDR is a blending of at least 3 exposures – sometimes 5 or more, to give a more realistic image. Sometimes it’s taken to the extreme with the hyper realistic HDR. Some of that stuff is cool… some of it is garbage. I’ve gotten really good results out of single RAW images processed through Photomatix. Most of the photos I’ve posted in the last 22 days have been single exposure HDRs (shot RAW).  Here’s one I did today that I really like. It’s a little on the hyper side. I processed it with Photomatix, then Photoshop, used Topaz DeNoise, then used the overlay transform mode, twice, in Photoshop. I’ve got other versions, but this one is the most dramatic – and I like it that way.

Check out my flickr page for more and updated versions of my earlier postings.


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