Dragon fly hunter

I’m on a mission to capture a sharp image of a dragon fly. I’ve been inspired by one of my contacts on Flickr who captured a really awesome (really sharp) image of one. We have a couple of ponds at work and I’ve been hanging out at one for a little bit after work. These are 2 of the best I shot the other day.

Not as sharp as I’d like, but then again I don’t have a $1500-2500 lens.

IMG_3853_ IMG_3787

“Casting the Net” – 8 shot composite

I rented a Canon 7D for my beach trip this year.
I also rented a couple of lenses (Tokina 11-16mm 2.8 & Canon 18-200mm).
This was my second rental from Lensgiant.com.
This image was shot with the 7D and the Canon 18-200mm (f5.0, 1/250, ISPO400).

I fired off about 16 shots (sounded like a machine gun going off!)
and made this out of 8 of them.

Casting The Net

Shot this at the Myrtle Beach State Park Pier at 7:01am on August 9, 2012.