Lack of postings = Macbook having seizures (not good!)

Tonight I’ve played catch-up on my postings. I haven’t been posting regularly for several reasons. Been busy….. been lazy… and my beloved Macbook Pro has been having seizures…. literally! It seems my GPU is going bad or has gone bad. Luckily I think I’m part of the NVidia recall that Apple announced (TS2377). I have an appointment with the Genius Bar at the Apple store Friday so we’ll see if I’m covered. I sure hope I am. I use this thing all the time for lots of things, more work than pleasure these days. It’s been a workhorse! I don’t want a new one, I don’t like them, I want to keep this one FOREVER!!!


I can’t hardly use this thing anymore with out it feaking out and locking up. I thought things were ok for a while, no symptoms, no issues. Now I can’t have it very long before I get this:

I hope the Apple Geniuses sign me up for the recall…. I’ll be a very unhappy Apple user if they try to pawn this off on something else.

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