FREE Lord’s Supper graphics for IMAG


One of the things I do is provide visual support for Five Stones Church.
(graphics with scriptures, application points, etc. and announcement graphics)

It’s one of those things that I kind of fell into, in that I have the software and know how to do it. I’m not a graphic artist by any stretch of the imagination, but I feel like I can get the job done and fake it.

About 4 times a year, we observer The Lord’s Supper (or Communion). For over 4 years now, I’ve struggled with finding pre-made graphics that look cool and are relevant to the style of today (meaning they’re not dated looking). There are several resources out there that I can pull from, some are free (legally free, not borrowing/stealing free), and some are a paid subscription. Even with the paid sites, I’ve found it hard to find something less cliche for the Lord’s Supper/Communion.
(disclaimer: there’s lots of good stuff out there, I just can’t find things that speak to me and that I feel would fit Five Stones.)

This September (2013) I found myself searching for blank backgrounds that I could use for our upcoming Communion service. A few days into my search, I decided I would make some of my own, and if they turned out OK and I was happy with them, I’d share with hopes that someone will find them and be able to use them! So, that’s the reason for this post and links below.

I just ask 2 things:

  • Don’t sell them or give them away as your own work. You don’t have to credit me, just don’t claim them as your own. Pass them along if you like, it’s cool, just don’t tell people, “Hey, I made these” – that’s not cool. I’m working on the honor system here and expect you to do the same.
  • If you’re going to download any of them please leave me a comment below and let me know where you’re from (if in the US, just your state is fine, if out of the US, just the country is fine). I’m just curious that’s all. This is my first attempt at helping out my fellow media pals and I’m curious about where all this stuff might be used.

These are FREE! FREE indeed!!

These graphics are based on Francisco De Zurbaran‘s work “Christ On The Cross”.
His work is public domain (cc); he died in 1664.
(all works published before 1923 are in the public domain)

While I’m the creator and technically I own the copyright, I give anyone and everyone unrestricted usage (except for the selling and claiming them as your own work part).

Click the thumbnails below to get an idea of how I’ve used these backgrounds and if they fit what you’re looking for, then click here to download and use them as you wish for your services, ministries, etc.

Don’t forget to leave me a comment if you decide these fit your purpose!

podcast thumbnail example

Podcast thumbnail example

title slide example

Title graphic example

scripture slide example #2

Scripture reference example

scripture slide example

Scripture example





Church Media resources that don’t suck – PART 1

I’ve decided that when I run across some really good stuff for churches, I’m gonna post my findings.

For easter, Five Stones Church purchased a package created by Dan Stevers called The Fifth Cup,
and it’s AWESOME. Here’s a link to Dan’s vimeo page.

Go and check out his stuff.

If you’re interested in PURCHASING one of his works, please consider purchasing from his website’s store because he makes a little bit more than he would if you purchased through Worship House, and his store is cheaper!

In his words:
“Why buy from addition to getting the lowest prices on our videos you will also be getting a higher quality compression than other sites, no upcharge for HD files, and free graphics with select products. It’s practically a no-brainer.”

I don’t know Dan personally.
I have emailed him and he responded quickly and was a super nice guy
(I had asked him if he had stills that were print worthy – higher dpi).


This past Sunday, Five Stones Church played a video created by James Grocho titled “The Forgiven”
as a sermon intro.

As an editor first, a wanna-be graphics guy second, I really liked his video.
Classy. Easy to read. Emotional. Just enough flash/coolness without overload.
Here’s a link to his website’s store.

Same deal with James and if you can, purchase from him directly so he get’s the profit.
If you can’t, the PURCHASE from Worship House Media.

He’s got countdowns, some social media animation loops, and other mini-movies.
I’m thinking about PURCHASING a few of the social media videos to refresh our “previews” that we play before and after each service.

I don’t know James either. Just really appreciate his work.

Notice anything?
Like the word PURCHASE in all caps and obnoxiously bolded?
That’s on purpose.

I know it takes place, we in the church world sometimes forget that free isn’t always free.
Please don’t borrow, repurpose, crack, basically steal work from these guys and others like them.
From experience, what you’re paying for their work is peanuts compared to what it would cost you if folks like them created these type videos for you and your church individually.

These guys are far better, creative, and faster than I am, but I’m estimating there’s at least 20-40hrs in each. At a minimum, if they charged minimum wage ($7.25/hr) and at a minimum of 20hrs, that’s $145. They’re selling their incredible work for $17-18. C’mon, if your church has a video projector and a computer that can play quicktimes, .mp4, or even .wmv, you guys can afford to shell out $18 for a video.

(These guys are not working for $7.25/hr and turning out this kind of work. Try $25-50/hr+, calculate that for $20-40hrs on your own for some sticker shock. So show some gratitude and PURCHASE their work, don’t just “use”, ahem (cough)… “steal” for the Lord’s work… that’s crap.)



Yes, I am endorsing both Dan and James. That doesn’t really mean anything to anyone, just wanted to be able to say it! I don’t know either one of them and am not a compensated spokes person.
I won’t be getting any free stuff for plugging them here in my totally unread blog posting.

Not a fan.

iOS 7 is worrying me. From what I’ve seen posted, mostly screen shots, I’m not a fan. Apple has upset me over the last 3-4 years and while I continue to purchase their products and use them daily, I’m beginning to become more and more annoyed with the direction they seem to be going. Here’s a comparison to the iOS6 and iOS7 home screens for the iPhone.

iOS6 vs. iOS7


I liked the iPhone and the look they created, until now. I see iOS7 as a compromise in design, copying the Android look rather than developing their own, or maturing it – if you will.

I don’t have to upgrade when it’s available. I haven’t upgraded to the latest iOS6 version either – mostly due to the battery drain issue that’s still a problem. Not upgrading will limit me – thanks Apple!

With Apple’s disregard for the Pro user (i.e. MacPro tower has been terribly neglected until the recently introduced MacPro CD Spindle Edition), their total middle finger to the video/film post-production community (i.e. the dropping of FCP for iMovie Pro – what they call FCP-X), and now this unappetizing iOS offering, I’m not sure what to do. I’m totally feeling the burn and pimp slapping that I’ve always heard Apple-haters talk about.

The Man Who Killed UBL….. screwed!

I just finished reading this story by Phil Bronstein that’s in Esquire Magazine.
(on the web)

The Man Who Killed Osama bin Laden… Is Screwed

I found the piece from one of Jon Wilson‘s tweets.

I’m so angry I can’t make complete thoughts on how I feel about my government for the way they totally abandon our elite when they leave active duty. I wish I were rich… like Donald Trump, Bill Gates, or Warren Buffet rich. If I were, I would set up my own heavily funded fund for these super heroes and help them transition back into civillian life after they have served our country – protecting us without much regard for their own lives. It’s despicable, shameful, dishonorable, opprobrious, repugnant, inexcusable, unforgivable, indefensible, unjustifiable, criminal, and just plain sinful how the ELITE among men, the REALEST of the REAL men are treated following their service to this country – when they decide it’s time to pursue civillian life.

The saddest part to me, personally, is that these men do not exist outside of the special forces (specifically the SEALs). To my knowledge, there’s no way I could personally send the Shooter (from the story) $20, $100, $1000 anonymously, just to help out. Sad.