Daylight SAVING time (T-minus 3hr 20min)

I’m about to loose an hour of sleep, oh how that excites me. I can’t think of anything better than loosing what I already don’t get enough of. The good part of it all is at least I can power nap tomorrow and try to recover, oh, and the days will be longer. The bad part is the next 2 months of my body trying to get reacquainted with this time change. Why can’t we just pick one of the times, be it EST or DST, and just keep it all year? Let’s change over to DST and STAY THERE!! Hey. Mr. Obama, how about pushing that one through, or sneak it in some kind of, oh, I don’t know, Health Care legislation. Have your minions bury it somewhere in the 2000 pages. You guys bury everything else in there, why not do us all a favor and bury this? Hey Nancy, since you didn’t know what was in the bill, and we’re all now finding out, see if you can find anything in there about a mandate that the country turn to DST in 2011, and stay there. Thanks. Let me know when  you find it.


today  we (family) had lunch with our other family, the Howies. Hoovers: 4, Howies: 5 (+baby granddaughter)

we’re racially different, economically different, culturally different. but none of that matters to any of us. that’s what’s so cool! I know I’m white. Otis & family know’s they’re black. so what?

today was a celebration day and a day of family. today we celebrated the new job that Otis has landed. we have been praying for over a year for an opportunity like this and we’re all believing that we’ve seen our prayers answered. we prayed together, thanking God for what he’s done and is doing, and we “broke bread” together (it was more like feasting together).

It’s kind of cliché to say, but it’s the truth, that sometimes when you try to be a blessing/encouragement to someone, you’re the one that gets blessed/encouraged. this is so true of my relationship with Otis. I call to encourage him, check on him, see what I can pray for him about, and I see a grown man who’s struggling but keeps his eyes on the prize, keeps his eyes on his saviour, keeps his focus on what God has for him, no matter what. that’s not to say he doesn’t have moments where he feels like life is impossible, we all do, but those moments don’t dominate him, he dominates them through his relationship with Christ. He’s a man who has chosen to change his life around, at any cost, and serve Christ, at any cost. He left a lucrative lifestyle (one you just don’t walk away from) because it was the right thing to do.

We had a great server, Lee. Lee was at least in his late 30’s more like mid 40’s I’m guessing. Lee had an obvious Christian bracelet on, Otis did not. Otis asked Lee, “How can I pray for you?” – something he  heard his pastor Dr. Poplin challenge the church with. Otis did it without hesitation, without any thought to how this might offend or embarrass Lee. Otis is genuine and will no doubt pray for Lee that he find a girl friend. I have to say that I will too. I was challenged today. I saw my friend reach out to a stranger in the name of Christ, where this guy was (a server at Golden Coral), and let this stranger know that another stranger cared about his life and his struggles.

God’s blessed me with a true friend and little does he know, a mentor.