Destination Me: UPDATE

In 8 days, I’ve amassed 32,614 Steps, roughly 3000 steps a day.

What does that get me? SQUAT! It’s a competitive thing, that’s all, so I’m enjoying that part of it.

Last Sunday it told me I did 5,622 steps. I’m a little curious how accurate that is. I do a lot of walking/running around Sundays, but over 5k steps? We’ll see Monday how accurate it is after tomorrow’s marathon!

I did find out that it probably doesn’t really count all the elliptical steps I do or the bike riding I’m doing at the Y. CRAP! I was hoping that would blow my numbers out of the water… not so it seems. Oh well.

I hit the Y 4 days last week, for at least 30min a day, most of that on the elliptical or bike. Booo-yeah! The goal is to stick to the 4-days a week routine. If I can get my butt to work at 8am, work through lunch (like I do everyday) then I can leave at 4p, hit the Y by 4:30 and be on my way home by 5:30, home by 6pm. Not a bad deal!

Daylight SAVING time (T-minus 3hr 20min)

I’m about to loose an hour of sleep, oh how that excites me. I can’t think of anything better than loosing what I already don’t get enough of. The good part of it all is at least I can power nap tomorrow and try to recover, oh, and the days will be longer. The bad part is the next 2 months of my body trying to get reacquainted with this time change. Why can’t we just pick one of the times, be it EST or DST, and just keep it all year? Let’s change over to DST and STAY THERE!! Hey. Mr. Obama, how about pushing that one through, or sneak it in some kind of, oh, I don’t know, Health Care legislation. Have your minions bury it somewhere in the 2000 pages. You guys bury everything else in there, why not do us all a favor and bury this? Hey Nancy, since you didn’t know what was in the bill, and we’re all now finding out, see if you can find anything in there about a mandate that the country turn to DST in 2011, and stay there. Thanks. Let me know when  you find it.

destination me

so I’ve signed up for this step tracker at work, mostly because of the prizes one can win for the exercise. today’s my first official day of tracking and I had 990 steps (1350 including a little yesterday). I may have done more and it just hasn’t registered, I’ll find out tomorrow. I guess that’s a good number considering I didn’t go very far all day…. parking lot, bathroom, mailroom, down the hall, back to my room, bathroom, parking lot. I wonder how many steps = 1mile? Probably more than 990, I’m just guessing.