Macbook having seizures (part 2)

So, I take the sickly Macbook into the Apple store for it’s appointment with the Apple Geniuses. That days Genius was Willie, cool guy for sure. He hooked up his hard drive with the diagnostic program…. and…… it was indeed the Nvidia chip that was causing the problem….. therefore the logic board needs to be replaced….. but it’s all covered! Good thing, because the logic board replacement is like $900.  I’m wondering if I’ll get an upgrade out of it… from 128MB to 256 or even 512MB.  Not likely…. but it’s worth a moment to hope.  I should have it back by the end of this week or first 1/2 of next week (5-7 days for part and installation).

No problems, no issues with the Apple Store at South Park Mall, Charlotte NC. The store was slammed busy (good for them if people are buying) and they were very professional and personable.

Lack of postings = Macbook having seizures (not good!)

Tonight I’ve played catch-up on my postings. I haven’t been posting regularly for several reasons. Been busy….. been lazy… and my beloved Macbook Pro has been having seizures…. literally! It seems my GPU is going bad or has gone bad. Luckily I think I’m part of the NVidia recall that Apple announced (TS2377). I have an appointment with the Genius Bar at the Apple store Friday so we’ll see if I’m covered. I sure hope I am. I use this thing all the time for lots of things, more work than pleasure these days. It’s been a workhorse! I don’t want a new one, I don’t like them, I want to keep this one FOREVER!!!


I can’t hardly use this thing anymore with out it feaking out and locking up. I thought things were ok for a while, no symptoms, no issues. Now I can’t have it very long before I get this:

I hope the Apple Geniuses sign me up for the recall…. I’ll be a very unhappy Apple user if they try to pawn this off on something else.

CCW Permit

Hello world.

Let this serve as your notice that I have submitted my paper work for my CCW permit. Some may ask, “Why do you feel the need to carry a concealed weapon?” Well, I’ll use Jesus’ method of answering you and answer you with a question, “Do you watch the news, listen to radio, read the newspaper? Are you aware that people are not nice and there are lots of people who need medication that are not on medication and think they can have whatever they want, including your life?”

Everyday there are thousands of what I’ll call “thug victims”. I don’t want to be one of them.

What has set me off on this crusade to gain my lawful concealed carry permit is the event that took place in Panama City Florida (December 2010) when this bi-polar gentleman decided he wanted to shoot and kill, all the members of the Panama City School board. I don’t want to be a sitting duck for someone like this.

I have a wife I love more than life, and two children I love equally as much. My duty as a husband and father is to protect them, no matter what.

Something of the 9mm variety will become part of the Hoover family soon.  You (bad persion) will not know if I’m armed or not, so let’s just assume that I am.

I’m loving the Smithfield Armory XD(m), not sure if this will be the first addition though ($$$).


Wish I had written this…

I got this in an email.  I agree with everything that’s said and implied herein. If you don’t, tell me about it. Leave me a message or email me, I’d love to try to understand your point of view. Truth is truth, but I’ll try to see your side.

Thank you Ken Huber. I salute you and support you!


"The Sad State of America Today"