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Wish I had written this…

I got this in an email.  I agree with everything that’s said and implied herein. If you don’t, tell me about it. Leave me a message or email me, I’d love to try to understand your point of view. Truth is truth, but I’ll try to see your side.

Thank you Ken Huber. I salute you and support you!


"The Sad State of America Today"


Destination Me: UPDATE

In 8 days, I’ve amassed 32,614 Steps, roughly 3000 steps a day.

What does that get me? SQUAT! It’s a competitive thing, that’s all, so I’m enjoying that part of it.

Last Sunday it told me I did 5,622 steps. I’m a little curious how accurate that is. I do a lot of walking/running around Sundays, but over 5k steps? We’ll see Monday how accurate it is after tomorrow’s marathon!

I did find out that it probably doesn’t really count all the elliptical steps I do or the bike riding I’m doing at the Y. CRAP! I was hoping that would blow my numbers out of the water… not so it seems. Oh well.

I hit the Y 4 days last week, for at least 30min a day, most of that on the elliptical or bike. Booo-yeah! The goal is to stick to the 4-days a week routine. If I can get my butt to work at 8am, work through lunch (like I do everyday) then I can leave at 4p, hit the Y by 4:30 and be on my way home by 5:30, home by 6pm. Not a bad deal!