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Tim Tebow – why the heck do we hate him? – by Jen Floyd Engel


As a society, we suck. Jen’s right!! No one would mock a player who professed his faith in Islam, pulled out his prayer rug right there in the endzone, turned toward Mecca and began his prayer of thanks. Know why? Because we’re afraid to. But, a player who professes his faith as Christ Follower get’s torn to shreds, because society isn’t afraid to. Kind of ironic isn’t it…. American society doesn’t mock Muslims because we’re afraid they’ll bomb things or kill people for the Infidel blasphemy…. and they’re the peaceful ones? Ahhh… attack a Christ Follower and what happens? NOTHING! No one has to go into hiding because of death threats, nothing gets blown up, no one fears retribution. Seems like the “peaceful” label has been put on the wrong can now don’t it??

It’s a hypocritical stance that players, fans, the league, the press, and America as a whole has taken. It’s no problem to tear a Christ Follower to shreds, but don’t offend anyone of a different faith, specifically the Muslim faith since that’s the other major player these days. Other faiths, specifically the Muslim faith, get a pass on living out their faith. Christ Followers become fodder for those who feel they need to elevate themselves, I believe, because they have a gaping hole in their soul and the only way they think they can fill this hole is to ridicule those who don’t have an empty soul. It’s sad. It takes a much BIGGER MAN to stand – in this case kneel – in reverence, in gratitude, in thankfulness in front of a million people, than it does to heckle this person.

For the record, I choose to use the Muslim faith for my argument, my illustration, and to make my point because there is no other faith that is so feared by Americans that we dare not make light of anything we find strange about their faith practices or beliefs in public. I have nothing against the Muslim faith – those that don’t want to kill me and my American brothers and sisters or anyone else considered infidels. I believe whole heartedly that Muslims should be allowed to practice their faith as they choose in this country, as long as this practice doesn’t involve strapping explosives to themselves and killing innocent people or killing people in any fashion because we don’t follow their prophet. If you’re unable to keep things in context and understand what I’m saying without resorting to accusations of intolerance or bigotry, then please re-read this paragraph again and again until you get it. Clear? I think I’ve made my point. Proceed.


Tulloch & Scheffler & all of the Detroit Lions, you’re not excused. NFL, Roger Goodell, it’s not acceptable. With all the PC crap out there protecting every other faith, it’s not OK to mock a Christ Follower. Judgement and punishment won’t come from Tebow, but from the one he bows to, and you mock. To all who mock, you are pathetic cowards.
Sissy, namby-pamby cowards. You make me sick.

I take my earlier statement back, that America doesn’t fear the Christ Follower. I’ve changed my mind as I write this. I think America DOES fear the Christ Follower, especially the ones who live out their faith in public and are not ashamed of it. Light removes darkness and we love our darkness don’t we my fellow Americans?! The fact that Tebow let’s his light so shine before men, that’s the fear we see when people like Tulloch and Sheffler and others mock Tebow or any other faithful Christ Follower.

And another thing, Tebow is grateful. He shows his gratitude when he “Tebows”. He doesn’t have an “entitlement mentality” as many of his fellow NFL’rs do. He knows the opportunity he’s been given, the athletic blessings, and the attention he gets from a national audience. He’s grateful and thankful. How many NFL’rs do you see publicly giving thanks to the one who has given them the ability to do what they do at the level they do it?

Some folks, believers and non-believers think one’s religion or faith should be a private thing and kept to ourselves. I say to anyone who calls themselves a Christ Follower, at the very least a believer, you are wrong. If you let it be known that you are a Steelers fan, Cowboys fan, etc., and aren’t ashamed of it, then why do you think it’s ok to keep Christ hidden as though you are ashamed of Him? If you are proud of your team, let it be known and get off Tebow’s back for letting it be known the team he’s on – obviously I’m not talking about the Bronco’s.

His words match his beliefs. He should at least get respect for that.

Wanna know and understand what Tebow is doing in the NFL? I believe he’s there to bring light, to be an example to the rest of us Christ Followers and to the non-believer that he relentlessly lives out his faith, without ceasing. Check out Matthew 5:16. Pick a version – I chose the Amplified version just because – “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your moral excellence and your praiseworthy, noble, and good deeds and recognize and honor and praise and glorify your Father Who is in heaven.”

To end my rant, I thought it only fair to republish a Yahoo! Sports story on this subject.
Tebow says he wasn’t offended. The most striking sentence in that story was this line:
“There’s always something going on around the guy, and he’s always handling it like a champ.” Well said.

I’m not voicing my outrage to defend Tebow. He’s a big boy and he handles everything with class and no one can argue that or mock him because of it. INTEGRITY IS NOT MOCKABLE. Stupidity, willful ignorance, and arrogance are.

As Christ Followers, we understand that our job, our profession, what we do, does not define us. Who we are in Christ is what defines us. Tim Tebow knows this and it’s knowing that fact that keeps him “in the game”.

What Jen says in this article is so true – it’s pathetic. I’m ashamed my beloved NFL.

My outrage is pointed at my society, Americans who would rather heckle a man for his genuineness, his integrity, his moral and spiritual fortitude than admire him. Today we have too many thugs and deadbeats in professional sports that get all the praise, admiration, accolades, and status. Thank you press. Thank you ESPN. Thank you FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC. Thank you NFL, MLB, and NBA for allowing so many unfortunates to define you and your professional sports teams. YOU FAIL. You fail in promoting people with morals, integrity, and the “good stuff” that makes our kids grow up to be REAL MEN. We fail as a society for allowing you to do this, and making a bizillion-gazillion dollars with out being called out on it.

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